Tarryn is an amazing teacher, so patient and kind with the kids (and the adults too).

My daughter loves ballet and funky feet and has developed so much. Mo son dances too and is Miss Tarryn’s biggest fan.

Couldn’t recommend Surrey Dance School highly enough for the kids and the adults.Sarah Duff

Massive congratulations to Tarryn for creating such a fabulous dance school.

Poppy absolutely loves dancing with you and we get some super proud mum moments watching them perform and do so well in their ballet exams!

You managed to ensure the whole exam experience was really lovely for both of us and we had a lovely day. Rachel Lansley

Dear Miss Tarryn

Thank you for a lovely year in ballet! I love ballet so much! You’re the best teacher. Love Amelie 

Amelie (pupil)

My daughter & son wish everyday was a Miss Tarryn dance day!

Ali Thompson

My daughter loves to go to funky feet class. Tarryn is a great teacher.

Fidelma Podjed

Dear Miss Tarryn,

Thank you for being my best ballet teacher ever.  Our show was the best show ever.

Love Poppy
Poppy (pupil)

Tarryn did an amazing job with the girls (for their ballet exam) and they did her proud. Dara said just last week that he likes panda the best when miss Tarryn is there! 

Fiona Kitchen

Tarryn has been such a star for the two reviews which we did with her, namely Thriller and Jai Ho! 

Honestly, I don’t think we would have got anywhere without her help. 

Always smiling, positive and encouraging, she went out of her way to professionally choreograph our amateur production and turn them into quite professional revues.

Some of us of course needed more help than others! 

Andrew Claringbull

During my decade plus of doing THE REVUE, Tarryn is one of the most beautiful people I have come across.

When Tarryn wished us, The Thriller act, luck in the changing room (we really needed it!), it was with such pride that we were with the Claudia Schiffer look alike but more importantly, with someone who, despite her gorgeous looks, could get down to our level and actually help us (extremely low: no dance or co-ordinated group discipline!). 

Tarryn can coach/ pull people up patiently, with lots of smiley encouragement,  and huge adaptability in our case (we often couldn’t do or remember the moves!)  A large group of tired Mums (& Dad!) often with hang-ups can’t be an easy task! I honestly enjoyed all the sessions , laughing at ourselves and the whole situation. Remarkably, we ended up with a fairly polished performance.

I have never been in such a supportive and friendly group where I felt I actually improved myself on a few levels, not just funky moves! This has been because we have been lead and encouraged by Tarryn.  A very special person and dance school. Long may Tarryn shine!

Elise Claringbull