Month: August 2016

2016 Limpsfield Village Fete

For the 2nd year running, Surrey Dance School were invited to dance at the Limpsfield Village Fete.

This year we performed two different routines.  The first routine was danced by 15 pupils making up our Funky Feet Squad.  They performed ‘Better When We’re Dancing’ to a very enthusiastic crowd and all of our dancers loved every minute!

We had a quick costume change for some of our dancers, before 25 of our little ballerina’s had a character to perform in our ‘Enchanted Garden’ performance.  Our 3 fairies danced alongside graceful deer, beautiful birds, sassy foxes, cheeky squirrels, delicate butterflies and our adorable bunnies!

I’d like to say a big Thank You to the parents and pupils who were committed to rehearsals prior to the event.  Our beautiful costumes, brilliantly made by Jenny, helped to create a lovely show at the fete.

With so many young dancers, it was lovely to have the opportunity to perform outside in front of a receptive local audience.

The children loved their costumes and dancing in front of a crowd, and I loved it too!

Nursery and Pre-Primary ballet dancers at The Surrey Dance School Awards 2016

Surrey Dance School Awards

In May 2016, I launched our 1st annual event, The Surrey Dance School Awards!

The Awards were in the format of presentation classes, spread over 2 days.

Our guest adjudicator, Gaynor Harris, spent 2 afternoons observing and enjoying the children’s dance class demonstrations.  I was very proud of all of my dance pupils who took part and especially our trophy and medal winners.

The Funky Feet Awards were given to: Ayana Patel, Alice Bennett, Alice Wood and Connie McMillan.

The Ballet Award winners were: Evelyn Callaghan, Isabelle Cheshire, Florence Butler-Merritt, Poppy Scott-Taggart, Sadie Chelba and Connie McMillan.

I really feel these events are beneficial for the dancers to showcase their syllabus work and to experience performing in front of adjudicators and audiences.

Felicity’s Nursery, Crockham Hill

Surrey Dance School's Nursery Ballet Classes at Felicity's Nursery, Crockham Hill, Surrey

I started a new nursery ballet class at Felicity’s Nursery in Crockham, in September 2015.

We started with 5 eager children and over the year the class grew to 12!

I have had lots of fun teaching there and look forward to the new school year in September 2016.